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Intro. to Grant Writing

This is a comprehensive 35 min. workshop recording. This quick easy video covers the process, dos/don’t, and will prepare you to confidently identify and write your first grant!

I have been writing grants for more than ten years. I am not formally educated nor do I represent the organizations I reference. This video is a culmination of my informal, hands-on approach to supporting community-focused projects. I hope to educate, encourage and empower others to take lead to support their talents. Grant-makers, or those awarding the funds, understand ideas don't fit into boxes and so grants are often a great way to fund inventive and innovative project ideas.

I wrote my first grant not because I was told to or working a job that required it but because I wanted to support new and unusual creative projects for my home city. My first grant was from the American Planning Association ten years ago for $250. Most recently I successfully wrote a $50,000 award from the National Endowment for the Arts. I share industry knowledge based on being both a writer and recipient of over one-million dollars in funding for art and culture as well as speak to my time as a grants-review panelist for the Brooklyn Arts Council.

Happy New Year and congrats on taking lead with your brilliant mind!

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