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PRO Network webinar: Art & Politics: How to Fund Creative Projects by Engaging Stakeholders with Kady Yellow See recording below. Description: Creative Placemaking Specialist and Arts Advocate Kady Yellow for a highly informative one-hour session to learn the nuanced world of stakeholder support and face the age-old challenge of funding your imagination and creativity. Yellow has spoke on similar topics at the Global Mural Conference, Statewide Conference on MI Downtowns, Placemaking Week, and the Creative Placemaking Summit. Yellow will address stakeholder management, how to establish trust and gain supporters for your project and will share key pointers for artists on how to better understand the business of the art world. Yellow will provide behind-the-scenes industry knowledge after working in New York and Los Angeles on how to think through grants, identify opportunities for revenue, and how to navigate the constantly evolving world of arts funding.

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